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We offer a positive learning environment and a high standard of tuition in both piping and drumming - ideal for beginners and also those looking to improve their skills.

Our band actively teaches the bagpipes and drums with learners and players from all walks of life. Age and previous experience are not obstacles to playing in a pipe band - all you need is enthusiasm and a willingness to learn.

Pipe bands don't just do street marches, but also put on concert type performances and play in competitions as well. Not only are pipe bands a unique and specialised hobby, but also a social outlet and a great way to meet new people.

Each pupil receives a combination of one to one tuition and group practice. All tuition focuses on correct technique, musical expression, tone and tuning.


  • Learners: An annual membership fee of $60 plus $5 per 30 minute lesson.

  • Full Members: No weekly costs with an annual membership fee of $120. Children under 17 years old receive a 50% discount on their membership fee.

  • Uniform: Members pay a refundable deposit of $100 for use of the band's uniform.

Getting Started on Bagpipes

To get started, prospective pipers will need to purchase a practice chanter. This is a smaller, quieter version of the bagpipe chanter. These are used right throughout a pipers career, both for the initial learning stages and for practicing new tunes. Prices start at around $120 for a quality instrument. All documentation and learning material is provided free of charge by the band.
The learning program is structured to help pipers begin to play simple, recognisable tunes as soon as possible. Eventually, when you have progressed to the right stage, the purchase of a set of bagpipes will be necessary.

Prospective side drummers need only to buy a pair of sticks and a practice pad. Prospective bass and tenor drummers use practice sticks or beaters, in addition to the lamb's wool sticks actually used with their respective drum. The band owns a complete set of matched drums that the drummers use.

Getting Started on Drums

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